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How Should Dermatitis Patients Take Their Diets?

How Should Dermatitis Patients Take Their Diets?What should they take for diets is a troublesome problem for some patients. At the same time, we should also take some preventions in the period of treatment. Therefore, what is the scientific diets for patients?

1, Dermatitis patients should take more foods which are rich in vitamin A.

Vitamin A can maintain the normal form and function of epithelial tissue cells, correct the abnormal keratinization of hair follicular sebaceous gland, and prevent the blockage of hair follicle. Patients take proper amount of vitamin A can decrease the dry, the rough, exudation and other skin lesions, which also help skin to recover health.

② Taking more foods which are rich of B group.

B group vitamins include vitamin B, B2, vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and so on.

The vitamin Bi has the functions to relieve stress, reduce depression, anger, stress, anxiety and other negative emotions, which is benefit for neurodermatitis patients. The vitamin B2 can promote regeneration of skin cells and balance metabolism, which has a effective assistant treatment for seborrheic dermatitis and a variety of allergic dermatitis.

The vitamin B6 can break down proteins into human necessary amino acids to promote the function of enzymes, forming a kind of antibody which can strengthen the capability of skin’s resistance allergy.

The vitamin B12 has strong abilities of hemopoiesis and cells regeneration, which can maintain the health of skin.

③ Taking more foods which are rich of vitamin C.

The vitamin C has the functions to protect skin, heal wounds, reduce inflammation, as well as eliminate stress and other effects, which can also help patients relieve skin lesions.

④ Taking appropriate amount of zinc.

The zinc is a mineral which can maintain the enzyme systems and the normal function of cells, which can also promote the synthesis of collagens, protect the skin, promote the healing of wounds. Taking a appropriate amount of zinc to prevent the occurrence of dermatitis and relieve skin lesions.

Foods that have to be exclused in the diet for dernatitis

Essebtially, these are foods that usually worsen the syptoms of deraamatitis. Foods to avoid are: Milk, including skim and milk products or milk deriavives(cheese,yogurt, custard) Eggs.

Foods that must be monitored in the diet for deramatitis

Food allergens: these are those that have been traditionally associated with food allergies.It is important to control the reactions to these foods to discard them if these are negative.Among the main foods that can cause allergy we can mention are as following:seafood,fish,chocolate,nuts,maize,peanuts,strawberries,tomatoes,citruses,wheat,soy and wheat germ.

Recommended food for dermatities diet

Foods rich in vitamin A for dermatitis: carrots, chards,spinach,watercresses,borage,pumpkin, tomato,asparagus,peppers and etc.

Foods rich in protein for dermatitis: Dried fruits are a vegetal source of protein. Peanuts or nuts, for non-vegetarians, rabbit, turkey or lamb meats are recommended as the best source of non-allergen animal protein.


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