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Vitiligo Patients How To Do Outdoor Activities

weather vitiligo patients can do outdoor activitiesOutdoor activity is a kind of activity take place in open place, it is a group activity. Includes climbing the mountain, spots activities. Sports man barely in hand or use specialize equipment to climbing mountains with different landscapes. Mainly need to form the start point to end point to across the mountain. In the middle of the process you might across the hills, bush, jungle, desert, snowfield, ravine streams, valley and other landscapes. Hiking is the basic compliment of the outdoor activity, we can treat it as a long walk. So weather vitiligo patients can do the outdoor activities? In this article, I’d like to make a brief introduction of it for your reference.

Vitiligo is a kind of common pigment loss skin disease, this disease have the symptoms of pigment loss and form white patches on your skin, the number of the melanin pigment decreased even disappeared cause the onset of vitiligo, the pathogens of vitiligo is still uncleared. This disease is a kind of acquired limited or generalized skin disease. It can happened in any age groups, any genders, among these, the teenage occupied most, this disease can happened in any part of the body such as sexual organ, mucosa and so on. Especially in the areas exposed to the sunlight and friction areas, so when vitiligo patients do outdoor activities, they’d better do a good protective job to try their best to avoid all kinds of external injuries, they also should avoid long time to do outdoor activities, because they might overtired. This is another reason might cause vitiligo.

External injuries induce vitiligo, the reason of this kind of vitiligo is might because of the local nerve fiber damaged caused this happened; it also might because of our body under stress state lead to the nervous endocrine system function disorder and decrease the synthesis of melanin pigment.

You also need to pay attention to protect your skin, avoid skin lesion, avoid the injuries induce vitiligo, once you have vitiligo, you must go to the hospital to treat your vitiligo timely. We need to urge the teenagers who like to swimming in the summer, when they swimming in the open space, do not swim in the center of the pool with the most intense sunlight, when they swimming, they need to smear some sunscreen cream to avoid sunburn, sunburn is another factor might induce vitiligo.

Moreover, the friction, pressure, scratching are also the common inducements for vitiligo patients, such as the vitiligo patients wearing glasses will have vitiligo on his or her ears and nose bridge of the two sides of the nose. Tight bra, underwear, waist band will cause the vitiligo on the breast, waist and so on. So if vitiligo patients do outdoor activities, they’d better wear loose clothes.

If you have vitiligo, you’d better go to a specialized vitiligo hospital to comprehensively diagnose and treat your vitiligo.


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