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Beijing Zhongke Vitiligo Hospital

Beijing Zhongke(CASU) Vitiligo Hospital has considered as the first professionally, specialized large-scale modern dermatology hospital which approvaled by the Beijing Administration of traditional Chinese medicine. Meanwhile, beijing Zhongke skin disease hospital is also one of the modern dermatology hospital which can keep sharing medical technology with world's top skin disease treatment and research institutions for the first time. But when it comes to the most perfectly,personalized and trageted treatment, the vitiligo treatment should be nominated.

Solid Technical

In trems of the research of the Beijing Zhongke(CASU)vitiligo treatment center, Beijing Zhongke(CASU) vitiligo treatment center now has reached a resources sharing cooperation agreement with the United States, Germany, Japan and other countries medical treatment and scientific research institutions, which perfectly means it has the most advanced and highest technology for vitiligo treatment . Beijing Zhongkevitiligo tretament hospital now undertakes the large-scale academic conference, build a platform for medical research, regular communication, learn from the latest research results from overseas, through joint development technology research to ensure the medical treatment on the top level .

Excellent Vitiligo Faculty

Beijing Zhongke Vitiligo Treatment Hospital now has more than 50 middle and senior technical personnel , which include returnees, studied foreign tutor, Professor, researcher, clinical director, associate chief physicians and 25 famous expert. In the thirty years of scientific research results which developed by professor Lin zhengxian, the treatment program of " UM-D" is recognized as the national key medical project, and it has been promoted to the whole country. Beijing Zhongke(CASU) vitiligo treatment center offer the comprehensive care for each health of vitiligo patients. " UM-D" treatment program for dispelling leukoderma technology has been identified as the national key medical projects, tens of thousands of people has been cured over here.

Internationally Reputation

Beijing Zhongke(CASU) Vitiligo Treatment Hospital has a won a highly reputation from the overseas as its advanced vitiligo therapy.meanwhile, Beijing Zhongke(CASU) vitiligo treatment center has gradually explored a series of special therapy for curing vitiligo , the vitiligo therapy is truly based on the essence of traditional Chinese medicine, with traditional Chinese medicine treatment of skin disease as its features and apply the unique Chinese traditional medicine formula, with high-tech physical therapy, molecular laser treatment and other advanced method.

Personalized,Targeted Vitiligo reatment

The " UM-D" dispelliing leukoderma techology which created by professsional Liu yuntao has widely knowned and accepted by the many countries like america and genmany and some european countries,and our professor Liu yuntao has also given a public speech during the north-america vitiligo forum , he's " UM-D" dispelling leukoderma technology has widely accepted and praised by many overseas experts.meanwhile, the " UM-D" dispelling leukoderma technology has the significant advantages with its short treatment course , quick, reliable, safety and no side effect etc.

Here Are The Detailed Introduction About " UM-D" Dispelling Leukoderma Technology:

UM-D Removing leukoderma treatment starts from the real cause of the disease---blood toxin, which can activate quickly UM-D superoxide dismutase, and remove blood anion free radicals effectively, repair the damaged immune system, clear melanin cells antibodies, increase tyrosinase's activity, let trace elements of Zn, Cu ion get normal absorption, so that the skin can normal secretion,after couple of weeks treatment, the white patches will gradually disappear, and the skin color gradually turn into normal.

To sum up, the most important and doubtful things which vitiligo patients most concerned is how is the curative effective of this technology.Clinically, there are many recovered cases proves that UM-D Removing Leucoderma Treatments Therapy is reliable and safe.The effects of UM-D Removing Leucoderma Technology are obvious, becuase it truly treat the vitiligo from the root , it shorten the treatments time and highly prevent the recurrence of leucoderma when it compared with the traditional vitiligo therapy.

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